Partner 3 – XPAND – The Netherlands


General description: The activities of Xpand Biotechnology BV are directed at developing innovative technologies based on adult stem cells and appropriate scaffolds for the regeneration, reconstruction or augmentation of defected tissues and organs. Xpand develops an automated, closed-system bioreactor for the GMP expansion of MSCs and developed bone regenerative calcium phosphate based bone graft materials that are commercially available.

Expertise: Well-developed osteoinductive calcium phosphate ceramic knowledge, know-how for the osteoinductive composites of polymers and calcium phosphate, know-how for adapting synthetics to improve bone formation and degradation, tissue regeneration in critical-sized bone defects, tissue regeneration in sub-chondral bone defects.

Role in the project: Xpand evaluates the best combination of polymers (different polymers or same polymer with different molecular weight) and calcium phosphate (calcium phosphate ceramics or nano-scaled apatite) to fabricate custom-made implant with solid freeform fabrication or rapid prototyping method; Develops custom-made osteo-chondral implants and evaluate the best choices of such implants with respect to the influence of chemistry, stiffness and surface topography on stem cell homing, stem cell proliferation, stem cell differentiation and morphogenesis of bone; Evaluates the best choices of soluble molecules from Chinese herbs with respect to the influence of Chinese herbs on cell homing, stem cell proliferation, stem cell differentiation and morphogenesis of bone and cartilage.

Key personnel: Joost D. de Bruijn received his PhD Cum Laude from Leiden University (The Netherlands) in 1993 for his doctoral thesis. He spend one year at the Centre for Biomaterials of the University of Toronto (Canada) under the guidance of Prof. JE Davies. After his post-doc period at the Biomaterials Research Group, Leiden University, Joost joined IsoTis BV where he was responsible for the bone tissue engineering programme. As Research Director Bone at IsoTis SA, Joost headed a research group of about 20 scientists. Strong research efforts were directed towards the use of autologous osteoprogenitor cells in combination with biomaterial scaffolds. In 2003 Joost founded Xpand Biotechnology BV, that is active in the field of bioreactor systems to expand adult stem cells and bone graft materials. Joost holds the Chair in Biomaterials at Queen Mary University of London where his research focuses on hard tissue replacement materials, bone tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Dr. Huipin Yuan is Research Scientist at Xpand Biotechnology BV.


Joost D. de Bruijn, Ph.D., FBSE

Joost D. de Bruijn, Ph.D., FBSE