The 4th Meeting of the RAPIDOS Chinese- European Joint Research project

The 4th Meeting of the RAPIDOS Chinese- European Joint Research project was hold at the Queen Mary University of London. Prof. Ton Peijs and Dr. Julien Gautrot kindly hosted this bi-annual meeting at the The 4th official joint Chinese-European RAPIDOS meeting took place in London, on the 1st May 2015, almost two years after the kick-off meeting held in Beijing. QMUL RAPIDOS members at the Queen Mary University of London. From left to right, are present Mike A. Geven (UT), Xi Zhang (QMUL), Prof. Ton Peijs (QMUL), Dr. David Eglin (AO), Dr. Yuxiao Lai (SIAT), Prof. Geoff Richard (AO), Dr. Julien Gautrot (QMUL), Pr. Dirk W. Grijpma (UT), Dr. Davide Barbieri (XPAN), Prof. Ting-ting Tang (SJTU), Prof. Lin Qin (SIAT) and Dr. Olivier Guillaume (AO).

This meeting was a great opportunity to update all the partners on the progresses of the project, to discuss the next activities and to organize the forthcoming scientific events and workshops. First, in the morning the European collaborators presented an update of their last works concerning scaffold fabrication using stereolithography (Mr. Mike Geven, Ph.D. candidate from the University of Twente). He introduced his last achievements dealing about the fabrication of composite implants for the specific application of orbital floor regeneration. They have made remarkable progress regarding the manufacturing of constructs with custom-made characteristics from data directly obtained from patients’ radiographic images. Then, Mr. Xi Zhang (Ph.D. candidate from the Queen Mary University of London) presented his innovative technique to combine icaritin-loaded nanofibers obtained by electrospinning with polymeric scaffolds. Those composite constructs represent a new avenue and exciting candidate for mechanically-enhanced bioactive membranes, in the field of bone regeneration.

presentation 1

Mr. Mike Geven and Mr. Xi Zhang during the presentation of their accomplished work.

A third presentation was given by Dr. Olivier Guillaume (Postdoctoral Research Scientist in AO foundation, Davos Switzerland) regarding the in vitro assessment of the biological activity of the new scaffolds, and finally, Dr. Davide Barbieri (Ph.D. member of XPAN, The Netherlands) gave an overview of their tasks’ achievement concerning the production of nano-hydroxyapatite particles and the in vitro and in vivo assessment of ceramic-based implants for bone healing. The lunch break came and this was the opportunity for the traditional group picture and visit of campus of the Queen Mary University of London.

walking across QMULThe RAPIDOS Partners walking across the Queen Mary Campus.

Then, during the second part of the day, the Chinese partners gave an outlook of their investigations and the perspective of their works. First, the SIAT members (represented by Prof. Lin Qin and Dr. Yuxiao Lai) reported their remarkable work regarding the conception of 3D porous scaffold made by Low Temperature Rapid Prototyping which exhibits the great advantage to be osteoinductive while bearing antibacterial property. The scientific update was concluded by Prof. Ting-ting Tang from Shanghai Key Laboratory of Orthopaedic Implants (SJTU), who gave a presentation entitled “development of antibacterial materials and bone substitutes to treat contaminated or infected bone defects” were he introduced a new antibacterial compound based on modified chitosan.

Chinese partners Prof. Ting-ting Tang (from SJTU) and Dr. Yuxiao Lai (from SIAT) during the afternoon session of presentations.

Finally, the last part of the day was dedicated to the consortium management and planning of consortium scientific activities and reports, organized by Dr. Eglin David from AO foundation. The next gathering point for all the consortium members of the RAPIDOS project will be hold in Shanghai on the 15th and 16th of October 2015 together with the third RAPIDOS scientific workshop. In addition, the partners are already planning ahead with RAPIDOS meeting events for 2016, coupled with the 2016 Advanced Functional Polymers for Medicine meeting (AFPM) organized by Prof. Dirk Grijpma in June 2016 and the 1st International Combined Orthopaedic Research Societies Meeting in Xi’an, China from the 21st to the 25th of September 2016. More information to come soon